Welcome to the home of the definitive employee’s survival guide. The most important business book of all time, by speaker and best-selling author Mark Nicholas.

It’s Not Just Business is designed to give you the edge you need to navigate the complex business world and the equally complex people who reside there. Business is about human nature, goals and emotion, with all of the quirks and flaws; and it is about forgiving people for being human, and business for being compromised of people. Loaded with practical advice that you can instantly put to use, It’s Not Just Business will provide insight into the way your boss, employees, customers and even you evaluate the complex world of business.

It’s Not Just Business | Features

NJB explains, among other things:

Learn what motivates people
Understand what people are thinking
Navigate social and business politics
Develop negotiating skills and tactics
Maintain balance and perspective
Become more efficient
Make yourself the perfect hire!

And more!